Kokkie Kooyman weighs in on Absa cash market fund closure

Among South Africa’s biggest business banks, Absa Group Limited, revealed the other day that it will be closing its cash market fund. The fund– which apparently deserves around R80 bn– will be shut down, with Absa specifying that the majority of financiers and customers might have had the incorrect concept about the functions of the cash market fund.

” I utilized to be an executive at Absa and I keep in mind really plainly why we did the cash market fund– that was since our margins were getting hammered. As an effect, we needed to do it. We were losing banking deposits to cash market funds. Now– due to the fact that margins are being hammered– they are relaxing it and stating they will not have it any longer”, said Alec Hogg.

While Absa decreased to comment, banking expert Kokkie Kooyman weighed in on the matter, stating the statement came as a surprise:

” It has actually been around and was started several years ago due to competitive pressures. It appears– if one reads they’re stating– that their issue is retail customers have actually begun associating the bank name with a warranty. One should keep in mind that a cash market fund in the banks name, indicates that your possession management arm is collecting, successfully, deposits which it then spreads out among other banks– and you get a share of it.

If you consider it that method, it’s in fact a smart method of stating ‘look we do not desire retail deposits that believe they’re getting an Absa warranty, going to ours and other banks by means of this cash market fund. Rather have them put their deposits straight with us.’ What Absa is doing, is closing the fund and providing them the alternative to either be paid out or the cash to be transferred into an Absa account.”

The executive director and portfolio supervisor of Denker Capital likewise discussed that Absa deals with a threat, with retail customers possibly taking their organization to another cash market fund.

” It’s going to be really fascinating to see how other banks react to this. Requirement Bank, for example, relabelled their cash market from Requirement Bank Cash Market to Stanlib Cash Market. They have not got that direct bank name connection, so customers will not believe they’re getting a bank warranty.”

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Narrative by Alec Hogg Kokkie Kooyman weighs in on Absa cash market fund closure

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Kokkie Kooyman weighs in on Absa cash market fund closure

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