Interview: The Viewpoint Of Bitcoin With Teacher Craig Warmke

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On this episode of the “Bitcoin Publication Podcast,” host Christian Keroles took a seat with a teacher of approach at Northern Illinois University, Craig Warmke. Warmke is rather special in academic community due to the fact that he has actually fallen deep down the Bitcoin bunny hole. As a scholar in viewpoint, principles and humanity, Warmke is interested by Bitcoin’s reward structure and the ramifications of Bitcoin on society.

Warmke is distressed by the state of academic community and regreted about the damaged rewards around period that require academics to hyper-specialize instead of motivating them to take more total and holistic worldviews and research studies. Warmke thinks it is this active focus in academic community that triggers most academics to miss out on Bitcoin entirely.

Warmke is presently handling a research study cumulative concentrated on the principles and viewpoint around Bitcoin called Resistance Cash with 2 fellow Bitcoin thinkers, Andrew Bailey and Bradley Rettler. The 3 compose documents to debunk why Bitcoin is great and they are dealing with a book entitled “Resistance Cash.”

Please enjoy this extensive discussion with Teacher Craig Warmke.

Follow Craig on Twitter @craigwarmke Find out more about Resistance Cash at

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Interview: The Viewpoint Of Bitcoin With Teacher Craig Warmke

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