Interview: Sustainable Bitcoin Mining In The United States And Canada With Peter Wall

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Today on the “Bitcoin Publication Podcast,” host Christian Keroles took a seat with the CEO of Argo Blockchain (ARBKF) to cover all things Bitcoin mining.

The discussion began with a dive into Wall’s Bitcoin story which begins in a hostel in Bali, as these stories frequently do. Wall’s journey from running that hostel to running among the biggest public bitcoin mining business in the market is a little unusual. Wall went over how Argo breaks down its company amongst BTC mining, altcoin mining, equity capital and R&D. Of all of these pillars, BTC mining is without a doubt the most essential and biggest golden goose of business.

Argo is concentrated on releasing hash rate throughout the U.S. with a focus on mining utilizing eco-friendly resources. Wall believes it’s bad that a lot mining in China utilizes coal power, particularly throughout the dry season. He and Argo see The United States and Canada as being a chance to line up Bitcoin with green energy while still being exceptionally competitive internationally on energy expenses. Wall believes that Bitcoin mining can get the very best of both worlds.

Other subjects covered in this podcast:

  1. Mining bitcoin and treasury management
  2. The present ASIC market
  3. How the ASIC market is altering
  4. Misconceptions around Bitcoin mining and energy use
  5. Mining in The United States And Canada
  6. Mining bitcoin in Texas

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Interview: Sustainable Bitcoin Mining In The United States And Canada With Peter Wall

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